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R&D Propane

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Family Owned & Operated since 1982


Our Humble Beginnings

"R" stands for my dad, Ray and "D" stands for my mom, Dene (Wilidene). Fitting, since they are the ones that started the company in 1982. Dad has since passed and Mom is semi-retired. My wife Jody and I have been helping Mom manage the company since Dads passing in 2007. We also have three other employees that help make R&D Propane an exceptional company.

R&D Propane came about out of necessity. The economy was bad in the 80's and Dad wasn't finding work, so he created a job and went to work for himself. It was the best thing he ever did, next to marrying my mother and he never regretted either decision. Dad and Mom ran the company; Dad delivering propane and setting tanks while Mom worked in the office answering phones and paying the bills. 
It wasn't long before they recruited me, their son, to come work for them. I started out at the bottom, refurbishing tanks and worked my way up to the position of driver then helping Dad set tanks. However, in 2006 about the time Dad and Mom were finally looking forward to enjoying a little retirement, Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and just a few short months later in 2007, Dad passed away. I certainly didn't feel ready to take the helm and find myself still wishing he was here to give me advice. I've had to fill some pretty big shoes and I hope to make my father proud. Before he left us, I promised him I would take care of things and that's what I plan on doing.

- Bruce Engeman
In The Goat Business

R&D Propane was and still is involved in raising and showing goats. When Dad and Mom were not working at the shop they were working at improving and growing their herd. "Shammy" is their herd name and Mom is still raising and showing goats. Although she did have to cut down on the size of the herd after losing Dad, she is still at it. Mom has since remarried and able to share her love of life and goats with a wonderful man, Stanley. It's wonderful to see her smiling again.

Guard Dog On Duty

Mom took Marshal through Schutzhund training and could go anywhere she wanted with no fear of anyone bothering her.  She always brought Marshal to work with her because she was often working late at night by herself.  She said Marshal was the best dog she ever had. He was the reason for the sign on the door of the shop "Guard Dog On Duty".  As you can see we have replaced Marshal, since his passing.  Itty Bitty has some big paws to fill and I get some funny looks when folks come in looking for the guard dog.